My parents worked hard their entire lives.

Evil Elderly Widow Actually Expected Tenants To Pay Rent: How Dare She 

My parents worked hard their entire lives. They owned a small business where they broke their backs and made innumerable sacrifices to provide for themselves and their children. It was not uncommon to see them work a 16-hour day or to work seven days a week. Because of their efforts, they were able to live in a wonderful home throughout most of my childhood, the house I grew up in. 

We moved from Chicago to this home when I was three, which was located in Wisconsin, right over the WI/IL border. To make a long story short, my parents purchased their retirement home before selling my childhood home first, mainly because my dad didn’t get the price he wanted for the old home. That was when the housing market tanked. Kind of an error on his part, but hindsight is 20/20. At any rate, he decided to hold on to the old home and rent it out until he was able to sell it to get the price that he wanted. 

I have friends who rent out homes, so I talked with them about my dad’s plan. They supported it, but warned me to have him do his due diligence prior to renting to someone because current laws favor tenants, and it takes months to get someone evicted. So, I shared that information with my dad, along with the vetting process one of my friends uses. 

A short time later, a family answered my dad’s ad. The arranged a meeting to view the house. My dad really liked the guy. He worked in the trades, which for some reason gave him credibility in my dad’s eyes. My dad also liked the guy’s wife and kids. He could see that family living in the same house that he raised his family in.

There was only one problem, the vetting process showed this guy had past issues paying his rent. I begged my dad not to rent to him, but my dad, along with any faults he may have had, had a huge heart. ‘Where are they supposed to go?” he asked. “Not your problem,” I replied.  

This guy had multiple evictions. When my dad questioned him about these things, he replied with sob stories about how terrible the landlords were, and how the one time he lost his job…blah, blah, blah. He never OWNED it and took accountability for anything; it was always someone else’s fault. Red flag! But again, my dad had a heart, and like all good con artists, the guy was persuasive. But as nice as my dad was, he was not a guy who allowed himself get screwed, and was quite intimidating when he wanted to be. He agreed to rent to these people, but warned them of what he would do if they didn’t pay rent. 

To their credit, they paid their rent promptly and in full every single month. My dad would go knocking on the door on the first of each month 😃. But then my dad had a stroke and passed away…suddenly. 

My mom made the mistake of thinking these people were her friends and told them what happened, figuring that they would be sympathetic and understanding of the situation. Oh, they understood alright. Immediately, they completely stopped paying rent. The inner bulldog in me came shining through, and I was going to go bang on these scumbag’s door, the door of MY mother’s house, but my she begged me to let her handle it.  

What was I supposed to do? I would have happily rearranged this degenerate’s face, regardless of the battery charges I would certainly have faced, and she knew that. So, she decided to go through the legal process of eviction. She hired an attorney, and after the allowed amount of time they didn’t pay her rent before she could actually do anything (several months), she was finally able to file eviction papers. She made me PROMISE to stay out of it, so I did. Let the law handle it, right?  

Well, when the law doesn’t protect the people who pay taxes for it to exist, people turn to vigilantism. It’s easy for people to say to let the law handle it when it’s not your family getting hurt. My mom needed that money after my dad died, and I found out later that they laughed about what they did. They are horrible people. 

Fast-forward to after the year-plus-long process it took to get these deadbeats out of her house, and we finally got them out. But add this to the story…while they were still living there, they quit paying their electric bill, so it got shut off. To have electricity in the home, they plugged an extension cord into the neighbor’s outdoor outlet (the outlet you plug into when you use a trimmer and whatnot) and ran it through one of the windows of our house. In addition to that, before they moved out, I should say before they were forced to leave, they completely destroyed the house. A nice little final f-u to my mother for being so heartless as to expect her rent and evict people who refused to pay it.  

Yes, my mother is an evil, heartless person. She was in her 60s at the time, a recent widow who now had to run a small business all by herself; yes, she still worked. She also went to church, gave to charity, helped people when they needed help… she’s a really terrible person.  

So how did they destroy her home? Well, they jammed towels and some kind of substance down the drains that acted like some kind of cement. They also punched and kicked holes into most of the walls and doors in the house. Finally, all the rugs were ruined (after one year mind you). The rugs were not ruined from normal wear and tear either. I’m not sure exactly what they did, but it appeared to me that they maybe went to a farm, got manure from the fields and ground it into the carpet. This along with what smelled like human urine and feces. Who knows, but it cost us thousands of dollars to repair the damage.  

My mother fell to the ground and wept when we walked in.  

I have to admit, I had a tear in my eye as well. I mean, I can completely understand why the tenants would completely destroy a widow’s home they were “renting.” She’s evil! She evicted them for no reason…oh wait, they didn’t pay rent. She’s evil though…ask anyone who wasn’t there that fights to “help” people who don’t pay rent. I have a great idea for these do-gooders who “protect” tenants from evil landlords like my now 78-year old mother…let them live with you. 

-Deeply Concerned and Frustrated Son 

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