My take away is protect your senior family member…

After purchasing a Los Angeles home in 2001 with over 20 plus squatters, it took weeks with police help to recover control of the property which had been intentionally damaged.

After months of repair we rented the home and had successfully rented rooms and a guest house off and on for nearly two decades until just before covid.

We sourced a friend and contractor (Ray Juarez) who did many small jobs for friends and seemed eager to begin tearing down the old home and build our dream home that we had spent 30k in plan, permits, and architectural work on.

Said contractor waited until covid and several tenants to leave before quickly moving in himself to the property(sleeping in his truck). While without permission and very alarming he offered to perform some services that were non-existent and secure the jobsite/tools on the soon to be demolished property, permit pulled and all.

During the following months the primary homeowner, a senior family member, became sick and spent most of his time dealing with cancer at a small vacation condo in Palm Springs while work was set to begin(fast forward a year and a half later).

The contractor Ray Juarez had been using the property to run a warehouse returns and overstock business, he covered every square inch with shelves and pallets of junk. Ray Juarez who was to use his family construction business’s license never pulled the proper permits and convinced and never started demo(removing the mandated sign I had placed up several times thinking it was vagrants). He began lightly refurbishing the home and insisted he would begin building the guest house after finishing and it was easier this way. He proceeded with replacing windows, plumbing, and electrical all without permit or permission. He replaced the door locks and keys to the property and proceeded to extort thousands every week for work we did not want performed, lying about every detail from hours to work being done.

After about 3 months we stopped paying and said please leave, he refused and threatened to homestead the property and place a lien that would allow him to take over the property and claim it as his own. He continued working and drafted a completely fictitious bill which was clearly fraudulent billing according to police. He had changed his driver’s license, insurance, and a cell phone bill to our address and contacted neighbors stating it was his home and he had been paying rent for years. When my senior family member was better we had to move him back into the home and reclaim residency which had only been temporarily any different.

During the entire time that Ray Juarez had lived there he slept in his car and with the help of a RING video doorbell we were able to prove this. They, the police, escorted him off site and said he would be reported/arrested for trespassing if he reentered. Afterwards he proceeded to call the city and report his own work which we fortunately already had a licensed contractor begin redoing at great expense.

In the end we never paid his 30k or 150k bs bill and reclaimed the home.

Unfortunately with funds depleted too much to build the dream home, we have been only able to repair the lackluster work done and continue to properly perform what he had been working on and damaged.

Ray Juarez is a bad person who operates in the Los Angeles area presenting himself as having tremendous experience, skill, and being licensed. He claims to have pulled permits when he hasn’t and lies about his hours, those of his workers, and most anything possible that will benefit him.

My take away is protect your senior family members and don’t allow anyone to perform any work on a friends or family members home without vetting a license number and insurance. This debacle cost my senior family member hundreds of thousands of dollars and priceless time that can never be recovered.

Upset Family Member

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