Before you say “Boo Hoo, poor me”…

In January 2021, I inherited a house in East Hampton, NY. Before you say “Boo Hoo, poor me”, my parents worked non stop for decades to pay for it. And they wanted to pass it on to me to do the same for my own children. That house represents my parents “nose to the grindstone” work ethic and their love of family.

Unfortunately, when I took ownership, there were two individuals, girlfriend and boyfriend, living in the house who decided that they did not have to pay rent. I have received no rent from them for the entire year of 2021.

The house is a two bedroom home with fireplace and in ground pool on a little under one acre of land. Initially, the girlfriend called me and texted me with the assurance that the rent was “in the mail”. Right… Following the blatant lies, they stopped bothering to even claim that any rent would be forthcoming.

My attorney sent letters, etc. to no avail. The girlfriend made it difficult for me to complete necessary repairs on the house since she and her boyfriend both worked and they did not want to stay “home” for the workmen to complete the repairs. Consider that irony! The girlfriend had stated that if I came on the property, she would call the police.

Yes, the “squatter” (my opinion) was going to call the police on me. In September, my attorney appeared in court to begin the process to evict. The judge, however, simply told these two “bottom feeders” (my opinion…am I still allowed to have an opinion in this country?) to fill out hardship paperwork if they wished. The hardship paperwork is a joke. They aren’t required to prove anything regarding their employment history. For example, why two individuals who are both working are allowed to live free in my home? And if they can’t afford to pay rent for a house in East Hampton, why aren’t they required to look for smaller accommodation in an outlying town?

During my many years of employment, I was forced to commute long distances to get to work. I rented in areas that I could afford and drove the distance the job required. If I wanted a particular job to support myself, then I commuted out of necessity. These two arrogant idiots (my opinion) believe that just because they can’t find a house in East Hampton that they can afford to rent, I have to struggle to support them myself. Both these morally deficient (my opinion) individuals and New York State have decided that it is my responsibility to support them.

The government has, I believe, illegally, taken control of my property and is forcing me to support strangers, whom, I believe, are “working the system”. Does the government, or these “bottomfeeders” care how I am being affected?

I recently retired and am living on a fixed income. I can barely support myself and help my own family. How am I supposed to support two strangers?

I have medical issues I’m dealing with which are exacerbated due to the stress put upon me financially, mentally, and emotionally due to this situation.

Maybe the two “squatters” (my opinion) living their free life on my dime will offer to pay my medical and housing bills for the next few years? While they are riding around the Hamptons enjoying their free lodging, the pool, the fireplace, and all the lovely extras the Hamptons have to offer, I am scrounging to pay my bills, the taxes on the East Hampton house, the homeowner’s insurance on the East Hampton house, and all the repairs on the East Hampton house.

Would someone please help me or advise me whom to contact for help? I have documentation to support all of the above.

Deeply Concerned Homeowner

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