Fraud for financial gain

Hardworking single mom landlord who kept roof over my head as a tenant through cancer and horrible divorce .

Working many different side jobs to keep house since 2017 when squatters moved in after unknown previous eviction.

June 2019 lease not renewed due to slow pay, no pay hardship stories. Landlord allowed stay Christmas with agreement to move, then covid happened. Courts closed – no evictions processed.

Working male that signed lease and earns approximately 65 to 80 thousand a year, has been collecting a paycheck since move in day. Original family unit of unmarried tenants added a new baby in June 2020 and a squatter grandmother in march 2020.

No rent paid since Winter 2019 and lease ended June 2019. The family unit commits fraud for financial gain. Male hides car, female gets welfare by lying that he doesn’t live here. The local town charity leaves free bags of food on doorstep weekly. Male bought new $45,000 car, which he hides. Represent themselves as destitute with Grandmother stating she cannot leave baby alone with her Daughter.

Police have been called here – where is Child Services? Grandmother has residency in another state and goes there monthly to collect her meds she is on … and lies to them too by not reporting her income and her living rent free as a squatter.

There are legal cameras on this property and they are seen going out at night, buying luxury items, they have changed mail box to post office box so that social services cannot see all the luxury stuff they buy.

Town charity that working people donate too is being lied to they don’t qualify and take from those who do. You ask why are they here? Because they can be thanks to Governor executive order that prevents evictions until Jan 15 2022. That is four calendar years of ample time to move.

To their credit they are quiet but that is because their house of cards is better hidden but that baby cries constantly because it never goes outside. Female 40 yr old squatter stays in bed all day has a Mercedes that has never been insured licensed or registered and has pleaded guilty to 40 tickets over ten years. Until six months ago car parked on landlord property in a beautiful driveway.

Landlord had move car that doesn’t start to fix driveway. That car should have been towed years ago or in storage but they use sob stories that are deceptive. They hide that car with new $45,000 car in Church School parking lot. They even defraud and lie to the Church. They pay no utilities still moratorium here.

Free food and donations and no bills plus they work. Family unit made many bogus calls to Police who by now know they are liars.

The property I live on and the rental I pay for is beautiful. The landlord is a good person with a big heart. The squatters are hot potato people that nobody wants and I feel like all are just glad they are our problem not theirs. Landlord filed eviction when courts open. No date yet. The resolution I want is to see them get locked out in the dead of winter and have to pay rent somewhere anywhere but here.

They have money to move and they know their time here is up. No reason to stay.

Horrified Friend of Landlord and Frustrated Tenant

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