Warning about helping a friend

I was foolish, I thought I was helping a friend.

It was only suppose to be for a couple days. I told my friend I had no place for his brother. But I was told I was the last hope. His brother was working for an animal sanctuary and due to him being sick they wanted two negative covid tests. I understood as the tigers alone at the sanctuary were valuable. I being separated from my husband by many miles and having to get by alone thought, I know how it is to have no one to depend upon. So I agreed to let him stay in a tent in my back yard.

He could help feed my chickens and do a couple handyman jobs in return for the place to stay and the food. six months later the tent had been burned with cigarettes, and destroyed by the sun. Wes had now moved into my shed! Wes was an alcoholic and refused to get a job. The sanctuary was glad to be rid of him. He was hording and the shed was filled to the roof with only a draw space to a filthy mattress. We are in Florida and the moratorium kept me from evicting him. He called me filthy names and laughed that I could not move him!

Two years later they finally lifted our moritorium, however to remove a squatter is different then a simple eviction. It cost twice as much and instead of 15 days it takes four months! My health declined even more from the stress.

He stole my credit card and charged a hundred and twenty some dollars at the local liquor store. He then stole my 357 magnum from my bedroom. It was followed by numerous little senseless thefts where he pawned my tools. Then he came to me to ask if I would buy a small gold ring as he needed cigarettes…the ring was my wedding ring that had come up missing from the container on the kitchen sink. It was the straw that broke the camel’s back!

I got most of the stolen things back but only because I told him I would not call the cops but would make him wish I had. I finally put him out not with an eviction but with the certainty that it was healthier to choose to leave.

The man’s name is Wesley Pirkl and he is headed to New York to live with friends as the told him it was easier there. Please if he gives this name do not let him on your property!

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