Most Landlords are Good & Hardworking People

Some tenants need protection, but many have simply lied and leaned into recent provisions that make it impossible for homeowners to defend themselves or their properties.

Please help to restore justice by signing the petition to End the Eviction Moratorium.

Hardworking homeowners have had their properties stolen and savings depleted. Many have had their credit destroyed as well. Some have been left homeless.

If you are aware of a known squatter or extortionist, please register them here to warn other homeowners!

The Squatters who Inspired it All

Robert Yurkewitch and Ashely Lane of East Hampton, New York intentionally violated their lease terms with the sole purpose of taking what wasn’t theirs. They utilized the police against their landlord and caused terrible destruction to the single mother who fell on hard times and needed to sell her home upon the termination of the non-renewable one-year lease term.

Yurkewitch and Lane remained gainfully employed and leaned into COVID mandates to take advantage of their landlord, who only tried to work to help them, despite not being able to.

The end result, the landlord lost countless buyers for her home, Robert and Ashely owed her over $60,000 in rent and damages – yet they got away with only paying $25,000. They even had the nerve during negotiations to ask the landlord to sign a non-disparagement agreement, which she was able to successfully refuse. Never agree to hide someone’s crimes.

Do not rent to Robert Yurkewitch or Ashely Lane.

See how Robert Yurkewitch chose to speak to his landlord, who was only at the property due to more lease violations.

Find a Squatter

The Squatter Registry Works!

While legal processes are impossible to navigate and have been shut down to landlords, public shaming, unfortunately, does work. Posting flyers that tell the truth anywhere you can on or around the property and neighborhood is very effective at disallowing immoral Squatters from hiding and “getting away with it” any longer. Most have over-inflated senses of self and entitlement so – speaking up publicly against them is WORKING to get them out!

See how it works here:

Learn More About the Lives that Have Been Destroyed

Meet Sarabelle Prince and Lynn Matsuoka, two grandmothers in their 70’s whose lives have been crushed by the State of New York.

Read the Stories Being Submitted:

What can YOU do to help?

Sign the Petition to End the Eviction Moratorium

Get Educated
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Why end the Eviction Moratorium?

June 16, 2021

Cantor Fitzgerald exec accused of squatting in Southampton home

A Cantor Fitzgerald executive and his wife are taking advantage of a statewide eviction moratorium by simply refusing to leave their swanky Southampton rental, according to new a lawsuit reported by the New York Post. The suit claims that Paul and Stephanie Pion’s $10,000-per-month lease for 220 Flying Point Road ended May 31, and alleges that they have failed to vacate the $5 million home and even removed an “in contract” sign from the lawn, jeopardizing a pending sale.
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Help Landlords out of these Nightmare Situations

Holdover tenancies create hardship for most landlords and homeowners. With the court system overloaded by the eviction moratorium, landlords are forced to reach financial agreements that allow both parties to move on. This is more often much to the detriment of the hardworking landlord. 

If you’re able to help provide relief for landlords who have been financially destroyed during the eviction moratorium, please donate here.

If you are either a landlord or tenant in need of cash for a settlement toward a landlord/tenant resolution, please submit for help.

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