Before you say “Boo Hoo, poor me”…

In January 2021, I inherited a house in East Hampton, NY. Before you say “Boo Hoo, poor me”, my parents worked non stop for decades to pay for it. And they wanted to pass it on to me to do the same for my own children. That house represents my parents “nose to the grindstone”Continue reading “Before you say “Boo Hoo, poor me”…”

Fraud for financial gain

Hardworking single mom landlord who kept roof over my head as a tenant through cancer and horrible divorce . Working many different side jobs to keep house since 2017 when squatters moved in after unknown previous eviction. June 2019 lease not renewed due to slow pay, no pay hardship stories. Landlord allowed stay Christmas withContinue reading “Fraud for financial gain”

My take away is protect your senior family member…

After purchasing a Los Angeles home in 2001 with over 20 plus squatters, it took weeks with police help to recover control of the property which had been intentionally damaged. After months of repair we rented the home and had successfully rented rooms and a guest house off and on for nearly two decades untilContinue reading “My take away is protect your senior family member…”

My parents worked hard their entire lives.

Evil Elderly Widow Actually Expected Tenants To Pay Rent: How Dare She

My parents worked hard their entire lives. They owned a small business where they broke their backs and made innumerable sacrifices to provide for themselves and their children. It was not uncommon to see them work a 16-hour day or to work seven days a week. Because of their efforts, they were able to live in a wonderful home throughout most of my childhood, the house I grew up in.