End the Eviction Moratorium in New York

The Eviction Moratorium on Top of the Housing Stability and Protection Act of 2019 has Grossly Infringed on Property Rights and New York hasn’t stopped there!

The State has launched a Landlord Rental Assistance Program (LRAP)

It sounds great, but it is NOT!

Through this program, New York State has set FAIR MARKET VALUE on all properties in the State by County! 
A 3 bedroom oceanfront has been deemed of same value as a 3 bedroom in the woods! 

This chart shows the cap on rental amount per month by number of bedrooms per property, by county, based on “150% of Fair Market Value”

Not only that!

Language has been taken DIRECTLY from Eminent Domain law creating ANOTHER loophole around Constitutional Property Rights! 

Right now, this is only impacting landlords, but it is only a few more steps before the pathway of these new programs and measures negatively impacts all property owners, and potentially property values, in our area.

Did you now that the Emergency Rental Assistance Program requires Landlords to give up their right to file for eviction for 3 months AFTER the payments have stopped?!

Our community members are already seriously impacted!

The local Police have gotten many calls each day from homeowners who are desperate for their homes back and some relief, but there is no help available to them from the police, sheriff, courts or politicians.

Hamptons artist struggles to boot house guest turned squatter.

Lynn Matsuoka, a painter and author who was once married to a sumo wrestler, says alleged interloper Gregg Solomon even forced her to cancel a desperately needed knee surgery because he is occupying the sole bedroom she says she can use for her recovery, and allegedly threatens her with violent outbursts whenever she demands he leave.

New York Post – October 23, 2021

What Can YOU Do To Help?

1. Sign the Petition

2.  Register a known squatter to help protect other homeowners.

3.  Share your squatter story or the story of a loved one.

4. Contribute to the lawsuit that will change a lot of this nonsense!

5.  Share this website, the Petition and/or GoFundMe with anyone you know who cares about individual property rights in the State of New York.

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