Squatter Registry California


this is a professional tenant. a colleague told me about their neighbor’s case and i dug in to find out more and share so future landlords do not go through this hell they went through. there is a large group of people who get into units and then wreck havoc without crossing that threshold of the law, not to judge but a lot of these professional tenants are in the hollywood sector trying to survive their acting-career. just an observation for landlords. they know all the legal loopholes to execute a scheme. they eventually make complaints about ‘habitability’ and not pay rent. but that is just a hot ‘buzzword’ in the legal world to withhold rent. when they are asked to leave, they extort the owners for a large amount of money in cash-for-keys because a lot of areas are under rent-control so a tenancy cannot be terminated by the owner, only the tenant. if the owner refuses they they will wreck more havoc while living for free on the property.

November 19, 2021